Teaching method

The Institute of Adult Education (Institut de formation en sciences de l'éducation pour adultes – FOPA) has always worked within an educational framework which places adult students at the centre of the learning process. The principles and methods very much reflect the concept promoted within UCL of students taking charge of their own training.
The main points include :
a multidisciplinary training provided by lecturers from different disciplines who work closely together to form a multidisciplinary approach ;
a team of lecturers who have both academic skills and knowledge in the fields of education and training ;
training advisers (conseillers à la formation - CF) who are present throughout the programme to support the student group in different ways ;
coordination and management of the teaching methods for each course and for the overall programme each year ;
support for making the connection between practice and theory ;
formation of subgroups and management of their work ;
workshops on methodology ;
consultation with students on their progress ;
coordinators and a committee to support students in producing their dissertation ;
an educational materials service which specializes in adult education. They can help students to research documents and find support material ;
a “teaching strategy for success” (space-time reserved within the programme for consultation about content, work in small groups, training assessments, many interactions between teachers and students).