Additional courses (preparatory module) to the master course

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, they must add supplementary classes at the beginning of their Master’s programme in order to obtain the prerequisites for these studies.

Mandatory Basic courses (40 credits)
Students with a BA in accounting will get an exemption for LECGE1219 course and those with a BA in Marketing, in Foreign Trade or in e-business for LECGE1213 course. These students will then have an annual program of 55 credits.
Mandatory LECGE1222  Microeconomics
Mandatory LECGE1213  Marketing
FR q1  30h+15h  5 credits      
Mandatory LECGE1315  Business Strategy
FR q1 or q2  20h+10h  5 credits      
FR q1  30h  5 credits      
Mandatory LECGE1321  Human Management
FR q2  30h+15h  5 credits      
Mandatory LECGE1332  Finance
FR q1  30h+15h  5 credits      
FR q1  30h  5 credits      
Mandatory Courses in quantitative methods (15 credits)
FR q2  30h+15h  5 credits      
FR q2  30h+30h  5 credits      
Mandatory Language course (5 credits)
EN q1+q2  60h  5 credits      
Catherine Avery (compensates Marie Van Reet)
, Nicholas Gibbs
, Marielle Henriet (coord.)
, Sandrine Meirlaen
, Philippe Neyt
, Katherine Opello (coord.)
, Hila Peer (compensates Marie Van Reet)
, Mark Theodore Pertuit
, Charlotte Peters
, Françoise Stas