Teaching method

This programme, the quality of which has been recognized by external auditors in the EQUIS international accreditation procedure, has four main strengths:

  • A particularly wide range of specialization majors
    By having access to more than 10 "classic" functional majors (e.g. marketing, finance) or transversal majors (e.g. European Business, Entrepreneurship), the student can specialize in the most advanced fields of management sciences. He/she generally reinforces this specialization by completing a master's thesis and an internship in the same field.
    The majors are accessible on the two sites of the LSM: Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons.
  • Teaching that combines academic knowledge and professional practice
    Teaching is provided in a balanced manner by teachers who are also active researchers in their field and by professionals selected for their widely recognized experience and expertise. All students (except CPME and DD students) must complete minimum 60-day internship in a company. They all also have to write down a master's thesis which can be linked to a problem or mission identified during the internship. Links with companies are omnipresent both in teaching and in extra-academic activities organised by the Corporate unit of the school.
  • Teaching methods centred on learning and the development of transversal competences
    This is reflected in the almost widespread use of problem-oriented teaching methods, collaborative learning (case studies, projects, problems, simulations) and work autonomy. This approach is developed in conjunction with mandatory readings, theoretical frameworks and conferences and is based on a balance between continuous evaluation and final evaluation of learning, between individual and group evaluations.
  • A strong international presence
    This internationalisation is based in particular on a particularly extensive network of exchange partners (over 140 partner schools), exclusive access in Belgium to the Master in International Management organised by CEMS and the possibility of acquiring a double degree with one of the seven prestigious partner universities.