Teaching method

This program provides general training and broad exposure relative to various areas of management.

It attempts to achieve an integration of such different areas in order to obtain a global understanding of businesses and to develop decision making and implementation capacity. With this objective, the program offers, on top of lectures which help structure business knowledge, the use of case studies and problem solving exercises. In this order, team work is often relied on.

This program intends to attract a target audience highly varied in its professional background and country of origin. The confrontation of different points of view among students, professors, lecturers and external speakers enriches students' perspectives on management and economics.

For students who face gaps in Economics or Maths / Statistics, courses will be added to their program in order to acquire the necessary prerequisites for a good understanding of management.

The lectures are complemented with individual or teamwork exercises, games, business simulation activities and in general, with tools that facilitate the understanding and assimilation of the concepts presented, even by students whose prior background is rather unrelated to management. This approach to learning is in line with the recent pedagogical reform at LSM-LLN and it has been widely appreciated by students. It has also been recently highlighted by the external auditors via the EQUIS accreditation procedure.