Teaching method

This programme, the quality of which has been recognized by external auditors in the EQUIS international accreditation procedure, has four main strengths:

  • Extremely wide range of specialization options

With access to over 30 optional courses (e.g. Supply Chain, Finance, Innovation, Sourcing & Procurement, ...), students can specialize in the most advanced areas. They tend to strengthen this specialization by completing their dissertation and internship in the same area. These option courses are available at both LSM campuses: Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons. For the majority of the option courses, classes are held on a single day in the week to aid mobility from one campus to another.

  • Training which links academic knowledge and professional practice

Balanced training is provided by lecturers who are also active researchers in their fields and professionals specially selected for their experience and widely renowned expertise. All students have the opportunity to complete a 60-day internship in a company and to write their dissertation on an issue or task identified during this internship, in the form of a project dissertation. Links with business are very much a part of the course, both in formal lectures as well as the extra-curricular activities organised by the School's Corporate Unit.

  • Teaching methods based on active learning and development of multidisciplinary skills

Teaching methods are almost always geared towards problem solving, collaborative learning (case studies, projects, problems, simulations) and independence. This is also reflected in the compulsory reading lists, theoretical work and lectures where there is a balance between continuous assessment and final assessment of a course and between individual and group assessments.

  • Strong international outlook

The international outlook is mainly due to a particularly wide network of over 130 exchange partners, exclusive access in Belgium to the Master's degree in International Management organised by CEMS and the possibility of gaining a double degree