Teaching method

Teaching is done by specialists in the field who are both researchers and clinicians. They are doctors, psychologists and speech and language therapists who generally do clinical practice in the field of their teaching and are internationally renowned researchers. Through the diversity of the initial training (medicine, psychology and speech and language therapy), students gain very different perspectives and encounter the concept of interdisciplinarity, a key element in their future work. The clinical courses are mainly clinical case studies, the most up to date clinical tools are taught and students have the opportunity to use the most common ones in their training. Certain courses are taught as case studies in hypertext format which encourages a high degree of independence. Practical work is also organized, where possible supported by assistants who do clinical practice in the relevant field. A complete year on work placement in specialist centres and reinforced by work placement seminars organized by clinician/researchers provides students with thorough training in a range of different disorders.