Possible trainings at the end of the programme

Master's in economics :

- Direct access for students who hold a baccalaureate other than economics or management, if the student has taken the following course during his/her program:

  • in economics :
     ECGE1222 Micro-économie [45h+15h] (5 credits)      ECGE1212  Macro-économie [45h+15h]  (5 credits
  • in quantitative methods
        ECGE1214 Mathématiques 2[45h+30h](6) (ou cours équivalent)         ECGE1224 Statistiques 2 [30h+15h] (5) (ou cours équivalent)         ECGE1316 Econométrie [30h+15h] (5)

  • a choice of 5 credits from amongst :
        ECGE1312 Economie publique [30h+15h](5 credits)         ECGE1311 Economie industrielle [30h+15h] (5 credits)         ECGE1313 Economie européenne [30h+15h] (5 credits)         ECGE1225 Théorie des jeux et économie de l’information [30h+10h](5 credits)


- Access to other bachelors under certain conditions (with the agreement of the person in charge of the program) : consideration will be given to the whole of the student's baccalaureate course and, where the student has not taken the required courses, these can be added to the Master's in economics program (maximum 15 credits)