Learning outcomes

Broaden and/or deepen knowledge and skills in French language and literature and put them to use, in connection with the learning outcomes from your major, in a relevant way in order to study a problem or complex system in literature from within the field in depth, with a view to possibly facilitating the choice of focus and/or options in the student’s master. These are the aims of students choosing the Minor in French Studies .

On successful completion of this programme, each student is able to :

1. Master in-depth knowledge and skills in particular fields in the subject of their major (in order possibly to facilitate the focus and/or options in their master).

2. Develop an in-depth understanding of the issues in French language and literature relating to studies that complement those studied in the major.

3. Demonstrate in-depth understanding of a large range of critical analysis tools from within the field of French studies, and the ability to use them where appropriate.