Access Requirements

The minor in statistics is open to all students from all UCL baccalaureate courses for whom statistics appears to be an attractive additional tool. The real content of his/her program will depend on his/her goals and basic skills in statistics, mathematics and IT.  

We divide the students into three groups based on the role mathematics and statistics play in their university course:

  • Group 1 : students whose baccalaureate program does not feature any mathematics training and who are not taking a sufficiently methodological statistics course.  
  • Group 2 : students with sound mathematics training but who have not covered much statistics in their baccalaureate program. 
  • Group 3 : students who already have a solid basic training in mathematics and statistics in their baccalaureate.


An adviser from the Institut de statistique will be available to help the student decide in which group s/he belongs and to help him/her choose his/her electives to match his/her aims.