Possible trainings at the end of the programme

The Advanced Master in Nanotechnology is intended in particular for holders of a degree in civil engineering, bioengineering, a master’s in biology, chemistry, physics, biomedical science or management, wishing to specialise in this field, or advance their training in it. It is characterised by a global approach to the field of nanotechnology, and offers a deliberately multidisciplinary program.

The program is organised conjointly by six universities : FPMs, FUNDP, UCL, ULB, ULg et UMH; the courses are given in these universities. The research work is carried out in one of the laboratories of these universities which is active in the fild of nanotechnology.


These laboratories are members of the Walloon association of nanotechnology (NanoWal). This association also includes research centres and companies active in this field. The students taking the Master’s will also have the opportunity to study and carry out research in a resolutely multidisciplinary environment in laboratories which have a strong tradition of collaboration.

With its training and research components, the Advanced Master in Nanotechnology also prepares students for the PhD program. Most of the teachers involved in the Master’s are members of the thematic doctoral school MAIN (Science et Ingénierie des Matériaux, des Interfaces et des Nanostructures) which can supervise students wishing to do a PhD.