Teaching method

Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning is very much part of the tradition at the Open Faculty for Economic and Social Policy.  The fact that students are themselves change makers means that every stage of the teaching programme is carefully thought out and innovative. This is reflected in admission procedures, learning agreements, assessment techniques and supervision of dissertations. The link between individual and group work is constantly made in various ways which involve all the participants :  

  • lecturers who suggest subjects related to research or who are involved in key situations where economic and social policies are discussed or drawn up;
  • advisers who organize seminars and workshops and who supervise the subgroups encourage the sharing of ideas and a group approach in the scope and analysis of the subjects being studied;
  • the teaching materials unit which helps in researching documents and publishing books and reports ;
  • special seminars for the teaching staff, coordinators’ sessions and meetings for advisers are just some of the ways in which views and input on the overall programme are encouraged.