List of available minors

In addition to the major in physics, the student has three possibilities :

  • opting for the additional module in physics ;
  • opting for a minor or additional module offered by

    - the Faculty of Sciences :
    • Minor in mathematics
    • Minor in geography
    • Minor in scientific culture
    • Additional module in statistics and data sciences

- the Louvain School of Engineering :
NB : The choice of such a minor must be done in concertation with the study advisers of the School of Physics and Louvain School of Engineering

    • Minor in computer sciences
    • Minor in engineering sciences : applied mathematics
    • Minor in engineering sciences : mechanics
    • Minor in engineering sciences : applied chemistry and physics
    • Minor in engineering sciences : electricity
    • Minor in engineering sciences : biomedical
    • Minor in engineering sciences:  construction
  • opting for one of the following minors proposed by the Sector of Human Sciences :
    • Minor in culture and creation
    • Minor in sustainable developement (this program is subject to access criteria)
    • Minor in the study of the kind

> Minor in Culture and Creation
> Minor in Scientific Culture
> Minor in Sustainable Development (*)
> Minor in Gender Studies
> Minor in Geography
> Minor in Computer Sciences
> Minor in Mathematics
> Additionnal module in Physics
> Approfondissement en statistique et sciences des données
> Minor in numerical technologies and society
> Minor in Mechanics
> Minor in Construction
> Minor in Biomedical Engineering
> Minor in Electricity
> Minor in Applied Chemistry and Physics
> Minor in Applied Mathematics

(*) This programme is the subject of access criteria