The evaluation methods comply with the regulations concerning studies and exams. More detailed explanation of the modalities specific to each learning unit are available on their description sheets under the heading “Learning outcomes evaluation method”.

The evaluation methods are in accordance with the regulations for studies and examinations. More details on the terms and conditions specific to each teaching unit are available in their fact sheet under the heading "Assessment of student achievement".

The student is evaluated on the basis of the personal work that he.she will have accomplished (readings, consultation of databases and bibliographical references, writing of monographs and reports, presentation of seminars, dissertation, etc.). When the training requires it, the student is also evaluated regarding his.her ability to assimilate the masterly taught subject. The evaluation of the Master’s thesis is based on the work performed during the year and its written and oral presentation.

To obtain the average, the marks obtained for the different teaching units are weighted by their respective credits.

If a student enroled in an exam at the January session has not been able to present the examination for reasons of force majeure which are duly justified, he.she may ask the President of the Jury for permission to present the examination at the June session. The President of the Jury judges the relevance of the application and, if the course owner agrees, may authorize the student to present the examination at the June session.