Programme structure

General presentation of the programme
The bachelor's of Biomedical Sciences totals 180 credits.
The " major " of the programme consists of a basic course of 60 credits (1st year) and a specialised training course (2nd and 3rd year) of at least 90 credits.
The major is completed by a course equivalent to 30 credits, which may be an option selected from "the options menu" (more advanced studies in Biomedical Sciences) or a " minor " (an opening course in other disciplines). The course of 30 credits may be followed together with the specialised course. 
Principal Subjects 
The bachelor's studies enable the student to apprehend the world of the living, from a single atom to the whole of society .
A toms, molecules and the systems which govern them
General and Organic Chemistry - Biochemistry - Applied Physics - Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics - Mathematics.
From a single cell to a human being 
Morphological and Functional Approach : General Cellular and Molecular Biology, - Cytology and Histology- Anatomy - Embryology - Immunology - Physiology - Microbiology - General Pathology.
Man and society 
Contextual Approach : Philosophy - Psychology.
Research experience 
Statistics - Strategies and applied models - Genetic Engineering - Instrumental Analysis.
Other studies