Programme structure

The Bachelor's programme, which provides basic pluridisciplinary training, comprises a pool of subjects common to the Faculty as well as specific courses in Political Sciences. Thanks to the common pool of subjects, the student will have the possibility, after the January session, to re-orientate himself to one or another programme of the Faculty, if so desired.

The three year programme corresponds to 180 credits and consists of a major, an ensemble of courses, seminars and exercises, totalling 150 credits.

To widen his intellectual and professional horizons, the student may choose a minor (30 credits) which will enable him to discover another subject ; he may likewise choose to go more deeply into his major by means of an ensemble of options (30 credits). The choice of the minor and the options, must be approved by the Programme Supervisor.

The choice of a minor also facilitates re-orientation when it comes to selecting the master's programme. The role of the Programme Supervisor and of the Study Advisor is important with respect to subject choice (information, advice, etc.)

On a general level:

• one year is dedicated to providing initiation into the principal Human Science disciplines (including a course in Political Sciences) and a seminar in university study approaches and methods

• one year is dedicated to the acquisition of primordial methodological tools and the disciplines of Social Sciences (in particular, within the different specialities of Political Sciences and Sociology)

• and one year is dedicated to the pursuit of the acquisition of methodological tools and a piece of work revolving more specifically around the principal specialities and fields of Political Sciences (in particular international relations, public action and comparative politics).