Teaching method

  • methods which reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the programme: interdisciplinarity in both in the core subjects as well as the area studies
  • variety of teaching strategies (including e-learning):
    - most of the teaching staff are familiar with new multi-media technology and innovations introduced by the University Teaching Institute (l'Institut de pédagogie universitaire). The overall rhythm and workload of the programme is carefully coordinated each year.
    - the seminars are designed to help students with the methodological structure of their final piece of work (either research focus or professional focus)
  • different learning situations :
    - possibility of a period of work experience (professional focus and research focus)
    - seminar work (core subjects as well as professional focus and research focus)
    - help to prepare for the entrance examinations for the civil service (professional focus)
    - possibility of joining a research team (research focus)