Mobility and/or Internationalisation outlook

International exchange programmes

Cultural enrichment, knowledge of other languages, the internationalisation of the labour market ... these are some of the reasons why each year more than 2 million young Europeans decide to go on an exchange in a foreign university.

The UCL Mons has always, and well before the Erasmus programme, placed the interest in international exchanges at the heart of university education.

In Europe and further afield

Students enrolled on full-time day courses at UCL Mons have the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes in the last year of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, with full recognition of courses taken outside the university. It is possible to study at recognised universities such as the Bocconi University School of Economics in Milan (Italy), the Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), the University of Economics Prague (Czech Republic), Complutense University, Madrid (Spain), the Lyon Institute of Political Studies (France), the University of Cardenal Herrera (Spain) and Laval University (Quebec), to name just a few.

In Belgium

A number of exchange opportunities (to Antwerp University, Ghent University, the KU Leuven and the University of Hasselt) are offered through the Erasmus Belgica programme.

Students may obtain financial assistance towards their accommodation costs abroad.

During the third year of the Bachelor’s degree, students will also have the opportunity to complete a semester abroad at a partner university in Europe or elsewhere.