Programme structure

The common core program is composed of required substantial introductions to social sciences approaches of the religious phenomenon as well as a seminar of heuristics and two interdisciplinary seminars (methodology and cross-thematic question). The remaining part of the curriculum is dedicated to the study of at least two religious traditions. The program requires the submission of a master thesis.

A specialized option has to be chosen out of four provided by the program  : - study of religious traditions - socio-anthropology of religion - psychology of religion - law and religion. Some pre-requisits may be mandatory for students with no previous curricula about the chosen field or discipline.

Important Notice:

The individual program of each student depends on her former curriculum and her optional choice as regards with religion thematics and/or disciplinary approaches; A large number of varied optional courses is offered to meet the interests of each student. The Master program requires completing a minimum of 120 credits distributed over two years, corresponding to 60 credits each one.

For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.