Teaching method

The programme is designed in such a way as to promote an interdisciplinary approach to theology. For one, the syllabi for the course activities allow for interaction between teaching and research, which should help students acquaint themselves with research in the various fields of theology. For another, in the same fields, the interdisciplinarity is structural: for example, biblical exegesis links philology, history and literary theory; dogmatic theology and ethics draw on philosophy, the history of thought and various human sciences; pastoral theology is based on sociology, anthropology and psychology.
Learning set-ups and teaching strategies: the specifications for course activities foresee variety in terms of teaching styles, depending on which method is the most apt when it comes to the theological discipline in question and its own methodology. The fact that, as far as most activities are concerned, specific issues are envisaged allows for a case-by-case study which brings together a rich diversity of knowledge and skills.