The evaluation methods comply with the regulations concerning studies and exams. More detailed explanation of the modalities specific to each learning unit are available on their description sheets under the heading “Learning outcomes evaluation method”.

The theoretical interdisciplinary courses
Evaluation procedures determined by each teacher (see course descriptions)
The workshops
Intermediate evaluation midway in the form of a group presentation before the workshop teachers. Final evaluation on the basis of a public defence of the results of the group work by a board consisting of the teachers and an external person.  

The interdisciplinary seminar 
Individual written work. Report and critical analysis of the lectures.

The placement and thesis 
The placement ends with a report, which may form an integral part of the thesis or constitute an appendix. There will be an oral defence of the before a board chaired by the president or secretary of the degree committee and consisting of the supervisor and two readers (see also General presentation of the programme: the placement and the thesis)