Mobility and/or Internationalisation outlook

The interdisciplinary seminar forms a special basis for cooperation and international exchanges by means of :
- the annual lecture cycle URBA/ISURU/AULNE, participation in the APERAU network, and on the other hand
- the annual study trip which normally gives rise to exchanges with the European university students enrolled in similar programs (Amsterdam 2003, Strasbourg 2004, Lausanne 2005, Naples 2006).  

Interuniversity cooperation
The following scientific partnerships with URBA also contribute to the internationalisation of the program :  EPFL à Lausanne (post-graduate « Projets territoriaux et mutations spatiales »)/Université de la Sapienza à Rome / Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Paysages à Versailles, /Ecole d’architecture Ville et Territoire à Marnes la Vallée / Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris/ UMSS à Cochabamba (Bolivie) / Université catholique du Chili / etc. These exchanges give rise to exchanges between teachers and, increasingly, between students on their placements. 

Networks associated with the placement program   
Experience has shown that the placement program also constitutes a useful means of opening up the program to the outside world and greatly contributes to its appeal among the students. In this perspective, the advanced master’s can call on the networks of organisations which have hosted the students doing their placements from the former specialised diploma in urban and regional development.
Last year, certain students did their placements in development projects abroad. The partner countries are the following : Bolivia (3), Cambodia (1), Chile (1), China (1), Equador (1), Spain (1), France (1), Mexico (1),Kenya (1).
In September 2006 the network of organisations associated with the program by means of placements comprises the following : AGORA s.a. (Bruxelles) / Aménagement scc (Bruxelles) / ARIES Group scc (Bruxelles) / Atelier Group Teams (Bruxelles) / AUSIA sprl (Bruxelles, Belgique) / Ayuntamiento de Girona (Girona, Espagne) / Association Berger-Rogier s.a. (Genappe) / CHANTIERS NATURE (Lille, France) / Clerbaut et Pinon ADF (Bruxelles, B.) / Commune de Saint Josse Ten Noode (Belgique) / Commune de Molenbeek Saint Jean (Belgique) / COOPARCH (Bruxelles, B.) / COPLAUR (Guadalajara, Mexique) / Conseil Régional du nord – Pas de Calais (Lille, France) / Délégation du Pentagone (Bruxelles,Belgique) / ERU asbl (Bruxelles) / Habitat et Rénovation (Bruxelles) / Inter-environnement Bruxelles (Bruxelles, B .) / Handicap International (Lyon, France) / Ministère de la Région Wallonne – DGATLP (Namur, Belgique) / PLANECO sprl (Wavre)/ PRAHC-UMSS (Cochabamba, Bolivie) / RECYCL’ART asbl (Bruxelles, Belgique) / RENOVAs asbl, (Schaerbeek, Belgique) / TRANSITEC sa (Namur, Belgique) / Ville de Tournai (Belgique).