The evaluation methods comply with the regulations concerning studies and exams. More detailed explanation of the modalities specific to each learning unit are available on their description sheets under the heading “Learning outcomes evaluation method”.

The teaching activities are assessed according to current University regulations (General rules and regulations for exams), namely written and oral examinations, individual or group work, public presentations of projects.

Teaching activities, including those of the architecture project and design, are subject to ongoing assessment with a single overall grade.

These continuous assessments take the form of partial assessments, which take place outside the evaluation periods in session according to a specific timetable which is distributed at the start of the academic year.

These assessments must end in May–June. The overall grade achieved is subject to deliberation in June and it is the subject of a report for the deliberation in September, if applicable.

In order to evaluate their performance, both individually and collectively, and with a view to adjusting the methods, if necessary, students will undergo assessments for certain teaching activities, in particular the architecture project, throughout the learning process.

They will in addition undergo an evaluation during the semester and another at the end of the semester for all teaching activities in order to ascertain whether they are meeting the course requirements.