Additional courses (preparatory module) to the master course

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, students must take supplementary classes chosen by the faculty to satisfy course prerequisites.

Mandatory Cours passerelle pour le master en bioingénieur, orientation sciences agronomiques (45 credits)
FR q1  22.5h+22.5h  3 credits      
FR q1  37.5h+22.5h  5 credits      
Yann Bartosiewicz
, Quentin Goor (compensates Mathieu Javaux)
, Marnik Vanclooster

EN q1  22.5h  2 credits       > French-friendly  
Alice Alonso (compensates Marnik Vanclooster)
, Charles Bielders
, Hugues Goosse

Mandatory LBIR1349  Chimie analytique I
FR q1  30h+15h  3 credits      
Christine Dupont (coord.)
, Yann Garcia
, Yann Garcia (compensates Christine Dupont)

FR q2  37.5h+15h  4 credits      
FR q1  10h+20h  3 credits      
Mandatory LBIR1352M  General genetics
Le cours magistral étant commun, les partims M et P ne peuvent être cumulés.
FR q2  30h+15h  4 credits      
Annika Gillis (compensates Philippe Baret)
, Jacques Mahillon (compensates Philippe Baret)

FR q1  22.5h+15h  3 credits      
FR q2  22.5h+15h  3 credits      
FR q2  22.5h+15h  3 credits      
EN q1  30h+7.5h  3 credits       > French-friendly  
FR q2  30h+7.5h  3 credits      
Mandatory Specifics courses (10 credits)
FR q2  60h  5 credits      
Philippe Baret (coord.)
, Pierre Defourny
, Brieuc Hardy (compensates Pierre Delmelle)

Mandatory Activités au choix libre (5 credits)
The students have a free choice of courses within one of the bachelor programs in Sciences and Technolgy Sector :
From 5 to 5 credits