Programme structure

This programme comprises a series of activities totalling 120 credits spread over two years worth 60 credits each. It is structured as follows :

Year 1 :

  • compulsory professional focus programme for 30 credits.
  • compulsory core subjects programme : 5 credits (out of 40) are taken in the first year. All the others (35 credits) from the core subjects programme are taken in the second year.
  • choice of one option course of 30 credits from a list of six. The majority of option courses (25 credits) are organized in the first year. Certain courses (5 credits), as already mentioned, are taken in the second year.
    Certain option courses are organized jointly with one or two other programmes from the Master in Bioengineering. This is the reason for the special numbering of these option courses. (For example, option course 1A is also in the programme for the Master in Chemistry and Bioindustry where it is called option course 1C. Option course 10 A is also in the programme for the Master in Bioengineering (Environment Science and Technology) where it is called option course 10E and the Master in Chemistry and Bioindustry where it is called option course 10C.)

Year 2 :

  • compulsory core subjects programme : 35 credits (out of 40) are taken in the second year.
  • the remainder of the option course (5 credits) chosen in Year 1 of the Master is taken in Year 2.
  • choice of a module of 20 credits from nine advanced modules, some of which follow on from the six option courses of Year 1. Students are strongly encouraged to follow the instructions regarding each of these modules.

Optional subjects :

There are some optional courses within the programme. They may either be chosen from a suggested list or may be chosen freely from the all courses available at UCL or even another institution. The same applies to all the optional courses in the programme. 
All these choices must be made in the timescale laid down by the Faculty Department and agreed by the Academic Secretary. For courses from another faculty or institution, students must gain prior agreement from the lecturer in charge of the course. 

Additional training "Business Creation"

Students enrolled on the Master in Bioengineering programme have the possibility of taking a module of interdisciplinary training entitled “Business Creation”. This additional programme features in the Master programmes of various faculties (Bioengineering, Law, Business Management, Civil Engineering and Psychology). It is designed to provide students, as potential creators, with the tools for analysis and understanding which will help them appreciate how entrepreneurship works when creating or taking on a business and develop projects of this kind within existing organizations.
In addition, this training enables students to gain familiarity with other disciplines and to learn how to work in multidisciplinary teams.
For further information :
- on the training programme, please refer to :
- on how the Master in Bioengineering programmes work, please contact the Faculty Office.

For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.