Programme structure

The progressive orientation of the programme starts as from the first year of polyvalent studies. The programme in the first year focuses on the acquisition of basic knowledge in the sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences).
Upon successful completion of the first year, the students may re-orientate their studies, without the need for any complementary subjects, to the second year of the bachelor's of Biological Sciences and of Bio-engineering subject to taking an extra course in Geography (GEO 1111) and also of Geographical Sciences.
From the second year on, besides the major in Chemistry, the students will choose a minor or complete their programme with courses selected from among those on offer. There is a minor in Biology. The students may also choose another minor based on a project to be elaborated with the approval of the study advisor.
The possibility of selecting options helps the students to prepare for their future orientation.
Students are given the opportunity to elaborate a personal work project and to write a report summarising it.
Ongoing evaluations are organised with special attention paid to interdisciplinary comprehension of the subject matters. 
Principal Subjects 
Biochemistry (9 credits)
Biology (11 credits)
General Chemistry (16 credits)
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry (17 credits)
Organic Chemistry (19 credits)
Physical Chemistry (12 credits)
The Chemistry of Polymers (2 credits)
Cristallography and Mollecular Spectroscopy (8 credits)
Quantitative Processing of Chemical data (3 credits)
General Mathematics (18 credits)
General Physics (20 credits)
Earth Sciences (6 credits)
English (6 credits)
Human Sciences (5 credits)
Computing tools and Documentary Research or project (3 credits)