The evaluation methods comply with the regulations concerning studies and exams. More detailed explanation of the modalities specific to each learning unit are available on their description sheets under the heading “Learning outcomes evaluation method”.

Assessment methods are in accordance with the regulation of studies and examinations. More information about the modalities appropriate to every credit is available in their descriptive index card, in the column "Assessment mode of learning outcomes of students".

Every EU of the program contains an oral examination or a written examination often completed by a project completed by a report, taken into account in the assessment. The (optional) internship and the master thesis each involve the writing of a document being the object of an oral defense in front of a jury.

The total mark is an average of marks for each course, weighted by their respective credits.

If a student registered to an examination in January was not able to attend for duly justified reasons of force majeure, he can ask to the foreman of jury for the authorization to present the examination in June. The foreman of jury judges the relevance of the request and, if the professor of the course agrees, the student can retake the examination in June.