Programme structure

The program of 120 credits of the Master's degree in data science, statistical orientation, consists of:

  • A common core syllabus from 52 to 90 credits including courses of
    • statistical modelling,
    • Machine learning and data mining,
    • Computational statistics, structuring of data and algorithmic for data sciences,
    • Philosophy (elective course),
    • Modules to complete if needed, the skills of the student in IT, statistics and mathematics.
  • A specialized orientation of 30 credits, including the master thesis and a specific course in the orientation.
  • credits for proposed elective courses.
  • Maximum 10 credits for courses that are not included in the program, to be made approved by the program committee of the master.

To the program of 120 credits, a module of additional teachings can be added for the student not possessing all the prerequisites of the Master's degree. This module is selected with the advisor of the program.

For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.