Teaching method

The courses on the programme of the Master [120] in Ethics guarantee students lessons in ethical reflection and train the students in how to acquire the necessary scientific skills for ethical reflection in a specific field. As for the research seminars, they are the place "par excellence" where the student learns how to integrate research work into an academic debate on ethics.

Given that UCLouvain is a complete university which is very up-to-date in ethical research, the students are easily integrated into the activities of the various ethical research bodies in UCLouvain: Centre de philosophie du droit (CPDR), Unité d'éthique biomédicale (EBIM), Chaire Hoover d'éthique économique et sociale (ETES), Centre interdisciplinaire techniques, sciences et sociétés (CITES).

Incidentally, internationalisation is not forgotten, as students can take part of their training away from UCLouvain, either by sharing courses with KU Leuven, or through a stay at a foreign university. Finally, the programme ends with the writing and oral defence of an individual piece of research.