Mobility and/or Internationalisation outlook

Apart from studying for a whole year at another university (mainly Erasmus scheme) the option courses (all or some) or certain placements and/or research seminars may be replaced by a placement abroad (Erasmus scheme or similar).

The course on Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics (2 credits) is a new course developed in partnership with KULeuven and is to be held partly at both sites.

The different option courses are accessible to bachelors in pharmacy from other Belgian or foreign as well as bachelors from other schools and faculties at UCL or other Belgian or foreign universities, subject to the agreement from the admission committee ( The whole, or part of, the study programme for the Master in Pharmacy is open to foreign students under the Erasmus exchange scheme or other equivalents, subject to the agreement of the Erasmus coordinator (

The Pharmacy School has ERASMUS agreements with the following universities :
Germany (Saarbrucken) ; Spain (Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela) ; France (Lille and Lyon) ; Greece (Patra) ; Italy (Bologna, Parma, Pisa) ; Netherlands (Utrecht) ; Portugal (Coïmbra) ; United Kingdom (Bath).