Programme structure

The programme (120 credits) comprises core subjects (74 credits), a focus (30 credits) and an option course (16 credits).

Apart from the core subjects which are compulsory for everyone, students may choose :

- a focus : either the professional focus which provides training for professional pharmacists, or the research focus which is theoretical and practical training for research in pharmacy. The two focuses enable students to gain the professional status of pharmacist.

- one option course from the following five :

dispensing and pharmaceutical monitoring
innovation and design of drugs
production, checking and regulation
biopharmacy and pharmacotoxicology
research in pharmacy. This option course is only open to students doing the research focus.
The contents of the different parts of the programme are outlined below.

For a programme-type, and regardless of the focus, options/or elective courses selected, this master will carry a minimum of 120 credits divided over two annual units, corresponding to 60 credits each.