Teaching method

This programme, the quality of which has been recognised by external auditors of the international EQUIS accreditation programme, offers four key advantages:

A particularly wide range of specialisation majors and options

With access to over 30 majors/options, students can specialise in the most advanced fields of management. It is general practice for them to further develop their specialist skills and knowledge by selecting the same field for their dissertation and internship. These majors and options are available at both LSM campuses (Mons and Louvain-la-Neuve) and, in most cases, the courses are held over two (maximum three) weekdays to facilitate travel between campuses.

Combination of academic knowledge and workplace experience

The programme is taught by an equal balance of teachers who are also practising researchers in their field and professionals selected for their widely acknowledged experience and expertise. Students must also complete an internship in a company and their dissertation can take the form of an individual final project by addressing an issue or assignment identified during their internship. Links with the business world are a constant of both classroom teaching and the extra-academic activities organised by the School’s Corporate unit.

Teaching methods focused on learning and developing transferable skills

In concrete terms, this means that the teaching methods virtually always focus on problem-solving, collaborative learning (case studies, project, problems, simulations) and self-guided work. This approach is supported by compulsory reading, theory classes and lectures, with an equal balance between continuous and final assessment, and between individual and group assessment.

A strong international focus

The international aspect of this programme is supported by a particularly extensive network of exchange partners (over 140 partner business schools), access to the CEMS Master in International Management (we are the only university in Belgium offering this) and the opportunity to obtain a double degree with one of seven prestigious partner universities.