Teaching method

The classes shall be given in English.

The training is organised face-to-face and alternates between:

  • Theory
  • A minimum of 25% of case studies
  • Simulation exercises (table top exercise, hands-on lab, practical exercise of sorting mass casualties etc.). 

Each training module is carried out by two instructors: an academic and a field expert in order to guarantee both the university character of the classes and their integrative dimension.

Teaching Team

The teaching team will include in particular:

  • BARBIER, Olivier (Professor, UCLouvain)
  • BERNARD, Pierre
  • BOLSIUS, Tom
  • BRICHANT, Jean-François (Academic responsible for the certificate, Professor, ULiège)
  • CALUWAERTS, Séverine (Gynaecologist, MSF)
  • CORNU, Olivier
  • DAOUDIA, Myriam
  • DASSONVILLE, Martine (Surgeon, Huderf)
  • DE CLIPPELE, Christian ((field expert)
  • DE SCHOUTHEETE, Jean-Charles
  • DELEPLANQUE, Florence
  • DEMOOR, Véronique
  • DENOEL, Albert
  • DEPOTTER, Patrick
  • DOCQUIER, Pierre-Louis (Professor, UCLouvain)
  • DOMINGUEZ, Lynette (Surgeon, MSF)
  • DUSABE, Jean-Paul
  • FOMEKONG, Edward (Surgeon, UCLouvain)
  • FRANCOIS, Pierre-Michel
  • KAMINSKI, Ludovic
  • KENDELL, Judith
  • LACROIX, Valérie
  • LAUMONT, Barbara
  • LECHAT, Jean-Paul
  • LEDECQ, Martial ((Surgeon, MSF))
  • LIBOUTON, Xavier (Professor, UCLouvain)
  • LINDERT, Judith
  • MAHY, Pierre
  • MESKENS, Isabelle
  • MOREELS, Réginald (Surgeon, MSF)
  • NYARUHIRIRA, Innocent (Surgeon, MSF)
  • ONGENA, Marc
  • OSMERS, Inga
  • PAPY, Alexandre
  • PEYRASSOL, Sonya (Psychologist, MSF)
  • REDING, Raymond (Academic responsible for the certificate, Professor, UCLouvain)
  • ROUMEGUERE, Thierry (Academic responsible for the certificate, Professor, ULB)
  • ROUSSEAU, Anne-Françoise
  • SAEY, Jean
  • SCHAMBERG, Christian
  • SCHMITZ, Sandra
  • TASNEEM, Ahmaed
  • THOMA, Maximilien ((Surgeon, UCLouvain))
  • VAN OVERLOOP, Catherine
  • VERHELST, Robert
  • WANDRAG, Liesl