Teaching method

The bachelors programme in Bachelor in Ancient and Modern Languages and Letters begins with a common semester made up of general courses given within the faculty. These general courses are taught by a team of teachers who emphasize an active exchange involving practical work and student participation. This common semester provides students with the opportunity to change to another bachelors programme at the end of the January exam session if the student’s advisory office agrees.

From the second semester of the first year on, the courses specific to the students’ bachelors programme use a variety of pedagogical methods (active learning, a balanced combination of individual and group work) with the aim of acquiring knowledge and the ability to analyse.

Throughout the student’s bachelor programme in Bachelor in Ancient and Modern Languages and Letters, students experience a variety of teaching methods : lectures, group work, individual work, seminars. Some courses also use e-learning (exercises and resources are made available to students, pedagogical management, sharing and evaluation by the class of work).