Possible trainings at the end of the programme

Upon successful completion of the Master [120] in Linguistics, graduates may:

  1. follow another focus of the same Master’s programme;
  2. enrol in another master's programme (60, 120 or advanced master);
  3. access the doctoral training;
  4. do a postgraduate internship and/or prepare their socio-professional integration.
1. Other focus of the same Master’s programme

Each focus of the Master [120] in Linguistics can be achieved through a programme of 30 credits.

2. Other master's programmes (60, 120 or advance master)

Other Master’s programmes of the Faculty could be accessible, directly or through supplementary classes. For more information, please read the masters' admission requirements.

List of masters organised by the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters: https://uclouvain.be/fr/facultes/fial/masters-en-fial.html

Other Master's programmes of UCLouvain are widely accessible, either directly or through supplementary classes, to UCLouvain graduates. For example :

The Master [120] in Linguistics gives direct access to the following Advanced Master's programmes:

3. Doctoral training

Further information: https://uclouvain.be/fr/facultes/fial/doctorats.html

4. Postgraduate internship and socio-professional integration

Students have the opportunity, during their master's programme or after graduation, to prepare their socio-professional integration with the qualified services of the Faculty and of UCLouvain. It is also possible for them to complete their training with a postgraduate internship in Belgium or abroad. In some cases, procedural steps must be undertaken during the master's programme.