Mobility and/or Internationalisation outlook

Students in the two focuses will have the opportunity of making an Erasmus, Mercator or other study period. The aim of such a study period is either to follow around 30 course credits, or to write the dissertation, while at the same time having the chance to discover another country and a different culture.

For students in the teaching focus it is preferable for the study period to take place at the end of the year. Partner universities are located in Dutch-speaking Belgium (in this case, the entire second year of the Master may take place outside UCL), in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Denmark), in Australia, in Canada, in South Africa and in Japan. See for a detailed presentation of the international mobility activities organised by the Faculty of Sciences. Courses LMAT2910 - Advanced topics 1, LMAT2920 - Advanced topics 2 and LMAT2930 - Advanced topics 3 are given by visiting professors from various Belgian and foreign institutions.The titles of these courses are generic in order to maintain the greatest flexibility and the best match with the development of research.
These courses are often taught in English.