Learning outcomes

Broaden and/or deepen knowledge and skills in literature and put them to use, in connection with the learning outcomes from your major, in a relevant way in order to study a problem or complex system in literature.


On successful completion of this programme, each student is able to :

1. Master in-depth knowledge and skills in particular fields in the subject of their major (in order possibly to facilitate the focus and/or options in their master).

2. Develop an in-depth understanding of the complex literary phenomena relating to studies that complement those studied in the major.

3. Demonstrate in-depth understanding of a large range of critical analysis tools from within the field of literary studies, and the ability to use them where appropriate.

4. Comprehend and integrate an interdisciplinary approach into your studies: develop criticism using the course input (theories, concepts, approaches...) in the different fields related to the major in order to rigorously question, analyse and discuss a complex problem related to the subject of the student’s major and/or that falls under one of the related subjects.

5. Period in another institution overseas. Carry out part of his or her education in an institution overseas: Develop in an international and multicultural environment, ordinarily in a language other than French, and be exposed to other educational experiences.