Learning outcomes

Discovering medieval studies through the medium of various disciplines, grasping the specifics, basics and discipline in a spirit of openness and building an outlook that complements your major subject in order to further study of the Middle Ages. These are the aims of students who choose the Minor in Medieval Studies.


On successful completion of this programme, each student is able to :

1. Acquire and demonstrate an understanding of the basics of Middle-Age languages and texts, medieval Christian tradition and philosophy, art and history in the Middle-Ages.

2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic tools used in medieval studies.

3. Discover and grasp the discipline required by reading texts and manuscripts from the medieval period, both Latin and vernacular, and demonstrate that assimilation.

4. Demonstrate the ability to grasp medieval historical sources in context.

5. Detect the specific characteristics of medieval studies (and the lessons learned from such an approach) and construct criticism that is complementary to the student’s major subject, in order to further the study of a problem.