Teaching method

Most teaching units are given by default in English.

Various teaching methods are used : lectures, flipped classroom, project-based learning, etc. Exercise and practical lab sessions are organized for certain teaching units. Individual or group projects are planned for most of the teaching units. These projects play a significant role (around 20%) in the final grade.

Almost all teaching units have a website on the MoodleUCL platform. Useful information is provided, as well as syllabi and other documents essential to student's work.

The Master’s thesis is a formative activity that must lead students to demonstrate their ability to (1) deal in depth with a physical problem in all its real complexity, by conducting a personal research, under the direction of a promoter, and (2) write a summary of his.her work and defend it in public in a rigorous and educational way, while being able to answer relatively specific questions. The various stages are : constitution of a relevant bibliography on the subject, reading and understanding of the selected articles, implementation and execution of the project, analysis and interpretation of the results obtained, writing of a synthesis manuscript and oral presentation of the latter. To carry out this project, the student is embedded in a research group with which he.she can interact.

A "thesis tutorial" introduces the student to scientific communication and, in particular, to the oral presentation of a scientific subject in English.