Programme structure

The bachelor's programme in Psychology and the Sciences of Education involves a total of 180 credits, to be acquired over three years. This comprises a foundation curriculum ( "major" ) of 150 credits and 30 credits of options. The Faculty organises three majors : in Psychology, in Education Science and in Speech Therapy. A set of common courses totalling 105 credits are to be followed during the first two years (for a total of 60 and 45 credits respectively). During the third year, the student has to choose one of the three majors matching the master program she/he intends to attend. Each major guarantees unconditional access to the matching master programme, or to the master programme of Family Science and Sexuality, without complementary courses. Access to the other two master's programmes remains possible, with complementary courses and according to the chosen option.
The set of common courses comprises : 

  • courses relating to basic socio-cultural and philosophical behaviour (15 credits), as well to the biological root-causes thereof (16.5 credits)
  • courses introducing the basic subject areas : Psychology and Education Sciences (19.5 credits)
  • 23.5 credits of couses introducing the student to the methods and practices of the basic subject areas, including statistics and the ability to read scientific texts on psychology and education written in English (5 credits)
  • three groups of courses introducing the student to the principal domains of professional practice : Psychology and Health (9 credits), Social Psychology in the work place and within organisations (9 credits), Psychology, Education and Development (8 credits).

The major in Psychology Science complements the courses on the methods and practices of the basic subject areas (23.5 credits including in particular the development of a personal project). It also deals more deeply with the practical professional domains : besides three mandatory courses (7.5 credits), the student will have to choose one course module (for 9.5 credits) among three, each of which is specifically devoted to one of the three professional domains. This major also includes a course of Religion Sciences (to be taken from a list of three such courses and worth 2 credits) and a course of interactive English.
The major in Education Science consists of six courses common to the Psychology major (15 credits), four specific courses (15 credits) and the personal project offering participatory observation in professional practices (15 credits).
The major in Speech Therapy , organised together with the ULB, is composed of courses relating to oral language (9.5 credits), written language (8 credits), the ear, nose and throat sphere (8.5 credits), neurosciences (8 credits) and related subject areas (11 credits).