Teaching method

The study paths offered by the various focuses and options (sometimes tagged) give the student more and more opportunities to "take charge of his training" as well as his gradual choices in working life. The different fields of study in the programme provide a coherent set of courses.

As for interdisciplinary, the student can include in his programme courses from other disciplines (optional). Some focuses, like some course modules: création littéraire, français langue étrangère, are clearly cross-disciplinary (library studies, "communication multilingue en entreprise", etc). In the end, the student's choice (geared towards the programme's interdisciplinary courses) will hold sway.

A second strong point is the variety of teaching strategies (including e-learning) : the use of multimedia for courses in foreign languages, the use of the possibilities offered by Moodle, and the balance between more 'lecture-based teaching and one-to-one student guidance.

Also noteworthy are the different learning situation: individual and group work, seminars and tutorials for the dissertation.