At Louvain-la-Neuve
120 credits - 2 years
Day schedule - In French
Programme acronym: STIC2M
Francophone Certification Framework : 7
Dissertation/Graduation Project : YES
Internship : YES
Activities in English: optional
Activities in other languages : NO
Activities on other sites : NO


During the last few decades, the production and diffusion of knowledge has been profoundly influenced by the ‘digital revolution’ both in the fields of science and technology, as well as humanities and social sciences and arts and letters. Our relationship to knowledge has been dramatically transformed and, a fortiori, the organisation, way of working and even the vocation of traditional places for the transmission and conservation of knowledge and culture, such as libraries, media centres and documentation centres. This rapid development makes new skills necessary in the management, organisation and consultation of documentary data, whether digital or not.

The specialisation in Library Sciences and Documentation is designed to train professionals who not only have solid theoretical knowledge of library sciences, bibliometrics and documentology, are also familiar with the audio-visual world, can use digital technology, are aware of digital humanities issues, have skills in the field of project management (including the management of human and financial resources) and in certain legal aspects such as the application of internationals ISO standards, or intellectual property and copyright.

The practical training comes together with the theoretical training during one or two work placements totalling 400 hours in public or private institutions, to prepare graduates as well as possible to take on management and coordination roles in departments within libraries, media and documentation centres at a regional, national or international level in teams which manage digital documentation.

Your profile


  • have had initial university training or have graduated from a higher education institution and wish to focus your training towards the professional fields of production, management and criticism of digital information or those of library sciences and documentary management including digital data ;
  • are looking for university level training in the areas of libraries and documentation centres ; or in the fields of the public and private sectors where experience in the production, treatment, management and criticism of digital data is vital ;
  • wish to build practical skills on advanced and critical knowledge of information and communication sciences and technologies.
Your programme

The Master’s degree offers you

  • a wide interdisciplinary range ;
  • a varied programme specialisation in which you can combine a focus and an option course depending on your interests and the profile you wish to develop ;
  • training which is focussed on awareness of the different career openings: field visits, case studies, practical exercises etc. ;
  • a compulsory work placement of a minimum of 3 months in the field (company, laboratory etc.).