Programme structure

These skills are developed through three different kinds of activities :

  • periods of practice at the higher levels of secondary education (60 hours);
  • seminars in small groups;
  • formal and less formal lectures.

One part of these activities is common to all subjects (they have the code LAGRE (13 credits); the other part is subject-based (these activities have the subject code). In total, the activities are for 300 hours (30 credits).

The training for the Agrégation de l’enseignement secondaire supérieur qualification is organised with reference to the Decree of 8 February 2001 relating to the initial training of teachers at the higher levels of secondary education in the French Community of Belgium and to the Decree of 17 December 2003 which requires neutrality in subsidised official education and other measures relating to teaching.

The detailed programme corresponds to the 30 credits of the teaching focus where it is organised. If no teaching focus is offered in the subject, a specific agrégation programme will offer the three different kinds of activities, in line with the requirements of the above-mentioned Decrees.