Additional courses (preparatory module) to the master course

To access  this Master, students must have a good command of certain subjects. If this is not the case, students must take supplementary classes chosen by the faculty to satisfy course prerequisites.

Mandatory LESPO2100  Political economy
FR q1  30h+15h  4 credits      
FR q2  30h  5 credits      
Coralie Buxant
, Stéphanie Demoulin (compensates Olivier Corneille)
, Clément Letesson (compensates Olivier Corneille)
, Karl-Andrew Woltin

FR q1  30h  3 credits      
Mandatory LESPO2102  Statistics
FR q1  30h+15h  4 credits      
EN q2  30h  3 credits      
FR q2  30h+15h  5 credits      
Optional LESPO1114  Political Science
EN q1 or q2  30h  5 credits      
Pierre Baudewyns
, Jonathan Piron (compensates Pierre Baudewyns)
, Min Reuchamps

FR q2  30h+15h  4 credits      
FR q1  40h  5 credits      
Tanguy de Wilde d'Estmael
, Vincent Laborderie (compensates Tanguy de Wilde d'Estmael)

Optional LCOPS1124  Philosophy
FR q2  30h  5 credits      
Sylvain Camilleri
, Jean-Michel Counet (compensates Nathalie Frogneux)

FR q1  30h  4 credits      
Joseph Amougou (compensates Matthieu de Nanteuil)
, Matthieu de Nanteuil (coord.)

FR q2  15h  5 credits      
Marine Quennehen (compensates Laura Merla)