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More accurate MRIs: coming soon?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), already an very effective technology, could soon become even more precise. The MCube H2020 project is working toward more accurate diagnoses. We tend to forget that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the greatest technological advances of the past...
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IT Targets: advancing cancer immunotherapy

Over the past five years all hopes for combatting cancer have turned to immunotherapy. The IT Targets project is doing its part by targeting GPCR proteins. On paper immunotherapy is relatively simple: it helps the immune system recognise and eliminate cancer cells. 'Normally, the immune...
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Myocardial infarction: how to prevent a second heart attack

One-quarter of the 10,000 heart attacks per year in Belgium are followed by a second one. That figure drove the Fondation Louvain (Louvain Foundation) to launch the Cardio fundraising campaign for advancing cardiovascular research. Treating a myocardial infarction is straightforward: unblock...
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Obesity and bacteria: In gut we trust

Humanity faces an unprecedented epidemic of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Intestinal bacteria and their dialogue with the immune system have something to do with it. We have 100 quadrillion bacteria in our digestive system. This intestinal microbiota (also called intestinal...
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Bacteria and bleach: all-out war

UCL de Duve Institute researchers discovered that bacteria have a defence against our immune system’s bleach. Could this lead to new antibiotics? To defend itself against the many attacks to which it’s subjected each day, our body uses a set of a defence mechanisms known as the immune system....
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