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The language of advanced age

Language use evolves throughout one’s entire life. Ageing-related problems can affect one’s ability to express oneself and complicate communication with others. At UCL, a researcher at the Valibel Speech and Variation Research Centre (Centre de recherche Valibel – Discours et variation) carries...
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Bacterial biofilms under the microscope

Many infections contracted in hospital are linked to the formation of biofilms. How do these sticky layers of bacteria form on the surface of some medical devices? Can we counteract them? At UCL, nanotechnologies are answering these questions. An estimated 7% of hospitalised patients...
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Health and undocumented immigrants: a social conundrum

Personal opinions and politics aside, the presence in Belgium of undocumented migrants raises the delicate question of their access to health care. Researchers at the UCL Institute of Health and Society are tackling it. Between 85,000 and 160,000 people are in Belgium illegally. Questions...
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Getting surfers to smile: online emotion detection

Things go fast on the Internet. A surfer might ‘Like’ something but then all of a sudden, at the least bother or confusion, he or she will click that little ‘x’ that closes your site and move on to another. So an online platform has to please its users—it has to make them smile. That’s what...
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IgGreen, for the most ethical pharmacological proteins

Using plant cells to produce diagnostic and pharmacological proteins—that’s the challenge taken up by the researchers at IgGreen, a funding recipient of UCL’s ‘First Spin-off’ programme. IgGreen’s goal: more ethical, cost-effective production. Currently, the diagnostic proteins and, more...
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