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Senegal: using big data to anticipate food shortages

Four young researchers of the Environmetrics and Geomatics Laboratory, led by Prof. Pierre Defourny of the UCL Earth and Life Institute, have been recognised by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for their innovative work on the flow of information between markets in Senegal and its...
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A chair for fighting poverty

Among the actors working to reduce poverty and casualisation, one remains poorly known and underestimated: the social enterprise. A Belgian one, Les Petits Riens, partnered with UCL by funding a chair currently held by Marthe Nyssens, a professor of social economics, and supported by Anais...
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MammoNote: facilitating diagnosis of breast cancer

Breast cancer afflicts one in eight Belgian women. Early detection increases the chance of survival, thus screening is recommended. The Mammotest screening programme was introduced in Belgium and significantly improved through MammoNote, an ambitious project of UCL’s Institute of Information and...
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A treatment for heart failure?

One in five people suffer from heart failure: the heart fails to pump blood correctly. This eventually leads to death, but UCL researchers and doctors may have found a treatment. The heart is a muscle with four ventricles. It functions like a double pump. Blood pumped from the two right...
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Refugee and immigration crises: at what cost to Belgium?

Anxieties have persisted ever since the arrival of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis on Belgian soil. But the frightful perceptions of the economic effects are erroneous, according to Dr Frédéric Docquier, a researcher at the UCL Economic and Social Research Institute. In Belgium, the mass...
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