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ISV Seminar

David MARTINEZ (ETH Zürich; Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering) : Tracking the mass of mammalian cells in real time
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Econometrics and Finance Seminar

Seminar: Sophie Moinas

Funding Constrainsts and Market Liquidity in the European Treasury Bond Market Sophie MOINAS, Toulouse School of Economics (Joint with Minh Nguyen and Giorgio Valente) Theoretical studies show that shocks to funding constraints should affect and be affected by market liquidity. However,...
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Mining gravity data from a Karst hydrosystem

Orateur : Damien Delforge
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16:00 / Statistics Seminars


Dependence Structures of Marshall--Olkin Kind. Abstract: The probability distribution of the mean of default times, which are dependent under the Marshall--Olkin law, is computed. The Marshall--Olkin distribution is a core probability law in reliability and life-testing applications. Exact...
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ISV Thesis

Gabrielle Laurie HAUSTENNE : Mathematical modeling of the genetic regulatory network controlling competence for natural transformation in Streptococcus thermophilus. (Pascal Hols, promoter)
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