Contact and Steering Committee


Françoise Docq, project manager, at Louvain Learning Lab

Steering committee (2018-2020)

This project is coordinated by a steering committee composed of

  • Pr. Yves Deville, Digital University department adviser, president
  • Pr. Marc Lits, vice-president for teaching and learning,
  • Pr. Dana Samson, vice-president for international affairs,
  • Pr. Alain Vas, Louvain in Hainaut vice-president,
  • Prs Benoit Raucent and Marcel Lebrun, Louvain Learning Lab
  • Françoise Docq, in charge of Louvain moocXperience
  • Prs. Sandra Soares-Frazao, Godefroid de Callataÿ, Christian Hafner, Pierre d'Argent, Franck Verschuren.

It's part of the Digital University strategic plan (Louvain 20 20) and managed by the Louvain Learning Lab.


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