European Virtual Exchange

Since September 2017, UCLouvain has been part of a pilot experiment with other European universities: the Virtual Exchange Program. UCLouvain offers online credit-eligible courses to partner universities' students. And UCLouvain students may choose online courses from other universities as electives in their annual courses program. After a (successful!) regular on-campus exam, they'll get regular ECTS credits in their degree program.

Students' experience


  • The portfolio of elective courses is enriched for students
  • Students can benefit from worldwide academic expertise 
  • Flexible learning experience entirely online, accessible 24/7
  • Opportunity to experiment diverse learning experiences: diverse teaching methods, types of exercises and assessment, learning medias...
  • Depending on the chosen course, opportunity to practice another language
  • Opportunity to develop a worldwide network through discussion forums and social networks used in the course

Quality warranties

  • The online course is assessed through an in-class proctored exam
  • The professor offering the MOOC sets the assessment modalities and grades the exam for virtual students as well as for "his·her" local students
  • Collaboration processes between institutions (students enrollment, grade exchange...) are those - used for years - of the Erasmus exchanges
  • The condition allowing a MOOC to be offered to international students is that it's also offered to local students, aiming the same learning outcomes and giving the same number of ECTS credits