Coronavirus: general measures in force at UCLouvain

Unless otherwise specified in the text, the following measures are effective on all campuses beginning May 23, 2022 (view summary page here).


General health measures

Health measures by type of activity

Infrastructure access


Additional information

To avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, it is important to get tested at the slightest symptom and not to go to auditoriums or offices while sick. It is possible to generate a CPTC code that allows you to be tested by completing a self-assessment form.

When a staff member shows symptoms of COVID and/or is found to be a carrier of the virus, he or she is no longer able to come to the workplace and immediately informs his or her supervisor of the absence. If telecommuting is not possible, the staff member must be incapacitated for work, justified by a medical certificate.

When a student tests positive for COVID, he or she must follow the rules in force ( and inform the university (via this form).

Fragile persons or those who have been in close contact with infected persons are invited to contact their attending physician to find out what measures to take.

SERP (Service de sécurité et de radioprotection) is responsible for observing the proper application of the above provisions and can also provide advice on request and on site regarding the implementation of the above measures and the possible use of protective screens (contact:

Contact and additional information: